6 Ways to Optimize and Write the Best Meta Description to Drive Clicks

6 Ways to Optimize and Write the Best Meta Description to Drive Clicks

When it comes to optimizing site content, There are often people who talk about the importance of choosing the right keywords and writing a compelling headline, but the effect of meta descriptions on website SEO is often overlooked.

While you may think you’ve hooked up all the boxes to improve your e-commerce site visibility, not an accurate meta description may cost your traffic and sales.

what is a meta-description?

They are short, unique fragments that describe a web page. If you have to advertise on a Web page, what you would like to Write this is exactly what the meta-description needs to contain.

Many people tend to leave the meta description blank without being aware of its impact on search results. A powerful meta-description leads to a rise in CTR and improves SEO rankings for your Page.

Meta description example

There are 6 ways to optimize the meta-description to make sure you click.

1. Answer the question

Whether seeking the latest plumbing services or discovering the best hotels in the Maldives everyone in Google is looking for answers to a question. Put yourself in the Client’s shoes and think about what they might ask, and your business can come up with a solution.

Your meta-description needs to answer their questions and force them to click on your Website.

best meta description example -Lonely planet

Although the meta description length has been extended to 300 characters to make them more “descriptive “, sticking to 160 characters is always safe so that the description does not appear abrupt and incomplete, which may be quite frustrating for readers.

6 Ways to Optimize and Write the Best Meta Description to Drive Clicks 1


2. Evoke Emotion

Let’s face it the selling point of emotion. Whether it is arousing a sense of trust, joy, anger, urgency, curiosity-anything that evokes emotion may be more effective in persuading the reader to take action.

It also needs to be applied when the meta-description is drafted. You need to determine the emotional benefits your customers will gain by considering your brand and using it to drive TRAFFIC.

meta description example -qatar airways

Use the words “attractive “, “great “, “powerful “, “unmatched” and resonate with the reader in three rows.

3. Call to Action

The call to action (CTAs) is a powerful word that you must incorporate into the meta-description as they convey a clear purpose and urge the reader to take a step forward. but, This is not the place to use the obvious call action, such as “read more ” or “shop now”.

Instead, you should use words such as “save more “, “provide ” or “actual benefits ” (such as free delivery) or make a free 30-day trial in the meta-description to make better use of this space.

meta description call to action example

4. Merge Keywords

Choosing related keywords is one of the most critical steps in SEO Optimization. Suppose, filling your content with these keywords will not bring you results.

It is important to place them in a different part, such as a meta description.

When Google displays search results, the search terms are displayed in bold and help to highlight them in the meta description tag of your site, which indicates relevance and attracts readers ‘ attention. You may have a lot of keyword suggestions from the study.

keyword example

Courtesy: Neil Patel

In this case, the keywords that have the greatest impact on a particular page are prioritized and used in the meta description instead of loading them all in 160 characters.

5. Avoid duplication

Every page of your site is unique, why do they have to have the same meta description? If your site has more than one page to share the same description, then they will compete with each other because it means they are talking about the same thing.

This led to Google pushing down the rankings of the site. So, don’t be lazy here and copy meta description content, because this is a signal to Google that they are spam or duplicate content that could damage your Search Results.

6. Use a rich code snippet

Have you noticed that some meta descriptions include links, comments, ratings and video images etc? These are known as rich snippets of code.

In contrast to normal code snippets, rich snippets contain structured data that provides more detailed information to search engines to help people make better decisions before clicking on the site.

A rich code snippet allows users to access information faster through their appealing formats, images, and related information, resulting in increased click-through rates.

So whether it’s adding a contact number, product reviews, and ratings or direct links-consider adding a rich fragment to your meta description to stand out and attract clicks.

meta description rich snippet

Thus, even if the meta description does not directly impact page rank, it is advisable that you should optimize them to generate traffic and drive more clicks.

If you are unsure how to display the best meta description, you can use this free tool to perform a quick test before the content goes live.

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