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51 Best SEO Blogs and Websites for Digital Marketers

51 Best SEO Blogs

Search engine Optimization (SEO) standards are constantly changing.

Emerging technologies like social media and artificial intelligence (AI), search engines are also improving the way they deliver results to users on a regular basis.

To do this, they focus on localization, page licensing, click-through rates, and even searches from voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As a marketer, keeping up with all this news is crucial.

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32 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool to Detect Plagiarized Content

32 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool to Detect Plagiarized Content

Duplicate content is often discussed by Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. While some people will say that duplicate content on your site and other domains will directly damage your search engine rankings, many experts claim that this is untrue.

In short, duplicate content is good, as long as it does not appear as junk content. But, what constitutes spam, how do you know that search engines will look at your content like this? While there may not be a direct answer, I can explain some of the best practices to monitor duplicate content and ensure that your site is not punished by search engines. The duplicate content checker tools are also useful here. Read More

6 Ways to Optimize and Write the Best Meta Description to Drive Clicks

6 Ways to Optimize and Write the Best Meta Description to Drive Clicks

When it comes to optimizing site content, There are often people who talk about the importance of choosing the right keywords and writing a compelling headline, but the effect of meta descriptions on website SEO is often overlooked.

While you may think you’ve hooked up all the boxes to improve your e-commerce site visibility, not an accurate meta description may cost your traffic and sales.

what is a meta-description?

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Local SEO Checklist to Enhance your Local Business [Infographic]

Local SEO Checklist to Enhance your Local Business

To win at local SEO you should take control of your online presence. Start with creating and optimizing your Google My Business page, then audit your local citations to see if they are correct and up to date.

Getting ranked within the top results for local search queries also requires a good deal of website optimization focus on the mobile version of your website, and enhances its performance.

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What is Keyword Density in SEO? and How to Calculate it?

What is Keyword Density in SEO_ and How to Calculate the Keyword Density (Formula)_

Keywords and keyword density topics are a discussion point between SEO gurus around the world, and everyone has a different opinion, let’s discuss the right way to implement keyword density in SEO and how to properly deploy keywords inside your content.

According to Wikipedia “Keyword density is the percentage of a keyword or phrase appearing on a page, not the total number of words on the page.”

In simple term, Keyword density in SEO can be used to determine whether a website page is related to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

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How to Create the Perfect SEO Content to Rank Higher in 2018 [Infographic]

How to Create the Perfect SEO Content to Rank Higher in 2018 [Infographic] 1

We all know that a high ranking site on a search engine like Google is less likely to get more traffic than that, but how do we improve to make sure our site can beat its competitors?

In short, there is no answer to this question. Google’s algorithm (its ranking site formula) is constantly adapting to changes in browsing habits, so for SEO, what we can do best is to try to meet their suggestions as much as possible.

While content is the most important part of a person’s online presence, people are prepared to pay less attention to the overall purpose of their content should be addressed, and to pay more attention to whether or not to improve SEO or not.

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An Essential Guide: Local Seo Tips for Small Businesses 2018 [Infographic]

Local Seo Tips for Small Businesses

Choosing a good street location is a key decision for most retail and small businesses to succeed. Easy to find is essential, which is to keep the attention on the top of the mind to capture steady pedestrian flow.

There is really no difference on the Internet; It is very necessary that you have an attractive home in one location that is easy to find for potential customers and customers.

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55 SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Business Website [Infographic]

SEO for Small Business Website

For small business website owners, including social media, network analytics, and content marketing, there are many daunting tasks, but nothing is more frightening than SEO, the big bad world.

If you have a website or online presence, make sure that you or your business appear on the first page of the search results can do or die, and many SEO for small business website owners don’t even know where to start.

Besides, once you take the time to understand the basics, you will feel more confident and make your site more visible online.

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