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The History of Google Algorithm Updates

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Google search use algorithms to retrieve data and provide results for queries. The search engine uses a fusion of algorithms, a result page that provides ranking pages on a series of Seo ranking factors and Seo signals.

Search engine algorithm can be used as a search ranking system, by searching the index of many pages in order to almost instantly provide searchers with the right results.

SEO can refer to, in particular, encountered a sudden decline in natural search traffic at a particular time, is generally punished by some algorithm, control algorithm on-line timeline, may be able to help diagnose the problem.

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SEO Ranking Factors to Increase your Website Ranking in 2018

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One of the difficulties with SEO is that search algorithms are constantly being updated, and we have a hard time knowing the details of the algorithm. Coupled with the fact that changes occur almost daily, SEO ranking factors is not just aiming for a move, but sometimes an invisible target.

So several companies often make large-scale statistical comparisons of keyword rankings and page features, trying to find the links among them, to some extent reverse engineering search algorithms.

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What is Search Engine Optimization? (and How does it work)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the technology and process of obtaining website traffic from natural search results.

More rigorous definition can be expressed as:  “Search Engine Optimization refers to the search engine natural ranking mechanism, based on the internal and external adjustment of the site optimization, improve the site in search engine keywords natural rankings, to obtain more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website sales and brand building.”

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