32 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool to Detect Plagiarized Content

32 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool to Detect Plagiarized Content

Duplicate content is often discussed by Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. While some people will say that duplicate content on your site and other domains will directly damage your search engine rankings, many experts claim that this is untrue.

In short, duplicate content is good, as long as it does not appear as junk content. But, what constitutes spam, how do you know that search engines will look at your content like this? While there may not be a direct answer, I can explain some of the best practices to monitor duplicate content and ensure that your site is not punished by search engines. The duplicate content checker tools are also useful here.

32 Duplicate Content Checker Tools for Your Web Content

Let’s take a closer look at the plagiarized content, how to avoid it, and what tools you can use to make sure your site will remain penalty free.

  1. seoreviewtools.com
  2. siteliner.com
  3. copyscape.com
  4. smallseotools.com
  5. duplichecker.com
  6. hivedigital.com
  7. prepostseo.com
  8. copyleaks.com
  9. scanmyessay.com
  10. paperrater.com
  11. grammarly.com
  12. plagiarisma.net
  13. plagiarismchecker.com
  14. textmechanic.com
  15. quetext.com
  16. getcopyfight.com
  17. webconfs.com
  18. unicheck.com
  19. plagium.com
  20. bibme.org
  21. edubirdie.com
  22. plagramme.com
  23. plagiarismdetector.net
  24. searchenginereports.net
  25. plagiarismsoftware.org
  26. academichelp.net
  27. smallseotoolz.net
  28. plagiarizechecker.com
  29. dustball.com
  30. writecheck.com
  31. ithenticate.com
  32. seotoolstation.com

If you are looking for the best plagiarism checker tool or software, please read to learn the different ways in which you can check the uniqueness of the written document. Depending on your use, you can use the free plagiarism checker listed below, if you use the same as I do, you can use the paid ones.

#1. Seo Review Tools

One of the best duplicate content checker tool SEO review tools assists in finding internal and external duplicate content for a specific webpage.

seoreviewtools - duplicate content checker tool

#2. Siteliner

Siteliner is a free duplicate content checker tool that tracks down any duplicate content on your website. Its entirely focused on any plagiarised content found on your internal website pages.

siteliner - content checker tool

#3. Copyscape

Copyscape offers a free plagiarism checker to find copies of your web pages online. The Copyscape premium offers more powerful plagiarism detection than free services, plus many other features, including copy-and-paste originality checks, bulk searches. It is considered one of the best duplicate content checker tool.

copyscape - plagiarism checker tool

#4. Small Seo Tools

Small SEO tool offers one of the best free online plagiarism checker services that you may have online today. They have developed their content checker software with in-depth research, considering users looking for a free plagiarism detector.

smallseotools - free online plagiarism tool

#5. Dupli Checker

Duplichecker is completely free duplicate content checker tool and ready to use whenever you need it. This plagiarism checker tool is like a personal assistant to you, meaning that you no longer may require hiring an assistant to check the originality of your content.

duplichecker - duplicate content checker tool

#6. Hive Digital

This free duplicate content checker tool is the most comprehensive web-based, plagiarized checker tool available online. This tool examines 7 different common causes and the effects of duplicate content to diagnose any current or potentially recurring content penalties.

hivedigital - content checker tool

#7. Prepostseo

The Prepost online plagiarism checker tool is widely used to check the originality of the content. You can detect plagiarism by just copying and pasting content or uploading files.

prepostseo - duplicate checker tool

#8. Copyleaks

Copyleaks duplicate content checker tool uses advanced AI technology to detect plagiarism and reporting content. It uses sophisticated algorithms to confirm originality, scan and track text content in each language.

copyleaks - plagiarism checker

#9. Scanmyessay (Viper Plagiarism Checker)

Viper plagiarism checker is a leading duplicate content checker tool. It will help you in detecting plagiarism and duplicate content. Viper is the plagiarism checker used by thousands of people every month.

Viper - duplicate checker tool

#10. PaperRater

Paper rater is a web-based service plagiarism checker tool they use a proprietary conglomeration of computer algorithms to detect plagiarize content.

paperrater - duplicate content checker tool

#11. grammarly

When you use Grammarly’s free online plagiarism tool to detect plagiarism, you’ll see an instant report that tells you if you’ve found any plagiarism content or not and also how much grammar and writing problems exist in your document.

grammarly - plagiarism checker tool

#12. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma allows you to customize your content by using the free version you can check the duplicate content on your site. This is a program designed to help you track similar sentences.

plagiarisma - duplicate content tool

#13. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker allows you to simultaneously search for several phrases in a content without typing quotes or special operators. This duplicate content checker tool is completely free to use and detect any plagiarism content externally.

plagiarismchecker - plagiarism checker

#14. TEXT mechanic

Text mechanic is a text manipulation tool which detects duplicate text from the content. It provides several other tools to remove plagiarized content and all this tool are completely free to use.

textmechanic - duplicate content checker

#15. quetext

Quetext is a leading plagiarism detection software that serves more than 1 million professionals around the world. By combining deep-search technology with clear, compelling feedback, they provide users with the tools they need to improve their writing.

quetext - plagiarism checker

#16. Copyfight

Copyfight is a new generation of content protection, it is a web-based service that protects your site from theft, which is now considered mandatory for site owners. It is important to protect your online content from being copied.

copyfight - content protection tool

#17. webconfs

This tool allows you to determine the content percentage and the similarity between the two pages. The exact percentage of similarity with search engines may put your site content in jeopardy, this tool assists you to keep your page similarity as low as possible.

webconfs - duplicate content checker tool

#18. unicheck.com

Plagiarism checker tool that prefers results over numbers By combining technical excellence and intuitive design, Unicheck helps to achieve authenticity, rather than simply pointing out similarities.

unicheck - plagiarism checker tool

#19. plagium.com

Another duplicate content checker tool for the marketer. Plagium applies syntax and word usage rules to split a document’s paragraphs up into blocks of text and then search the web.

plagium - duplicate content checker tool

#20. bibme

BIBME Plus can help you create high-quality content. It marks citations that may be forgotten or omitted from your paper and provides tools to help you create citations.

bibme - free duplicate checker tool

#21. EduBirdie

Edubirdie is an academic writing service that guarantees high quality, error-free, 100% originals, and confidential documents to meet your requirements.

edubirdie - plagiarize content checker

#22. Plagramme

Plagramme is a free online plagiarism check software with a percent evaluation. Thousands of users are individuals, professional writers, and blog post authors, business people, and businesses using plagiarism check.

plagramme - duplicate content checker tool

#23. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism detectors is a free duplicate content checker tool. Whether you are a student or a professional, everyone can benefit from it.

plagarism detector - free plagiarism checker

#24. Search Engine Reports

The advanced plagiarism checker is very simple to use. It provides in-depth review and scrutiny of every sentence literally given to all sites online, making it the best free plagiarism checker online.

searchenginereports - free duplicate content checker

#25. Plagiarism Software

Plagiarism software developed this free plagiarism checking tool so that users can check for duplicate content without spending a penny.

plagiarismsoftware - free content checker

#26. Academic Help

Academic help is a duplicate content checker tool that helps in detecting plagiarism in various texts. For bloggers, marketers, academics, and business people, it can help you create content and contaminated defects or plagiarism in the documents or work you receive.

academic help - plagiarism checker tool

#27. Small Seo Toolz

Smallseotoolz has worked hard to combine all the tools to give you the anti-plagiarism software you want free download while not downloading involves making it so easy to use, it is definitely the best online plagiarism checker tool.

smallseotoolz - duplicate content checker

#28. Plagiarize Checker

This free duplicate content checker tool or application is useful not only for SEO employees but also for individual professionals and companies who suspect they are being copied. This means that those who have done content theft will find themselves in a hot spot once they are labeled as copyright thieves by this tool.

plagiarizechecker - free content checker tool

#29. Plagiarism Checker (Dustball)

This plagiarism checker tool has two variants: free and premium. More than 20,000 of customers have successfully used the service to combat plagiarism.

dustball plagiarism checker tool

#30. WriteCheck

WriteCheck is an online plagiarism checker that also provides a grammar checker tool. WriteCheck helps students become better writers by identifying grammar errors and unoriginal content in written work.writecheck - duplicate content checker tool

#31. iThenticate

Ithenticate is a provider of professional plagiarism detection tool and prevention technologies used by academic publishers and research institutes around the world to ensure the originality of written works prior to publication. Ithenticate is developed by Turnitin, a leader in plagiarism and original inspection of educational institutions around the world.

ithenticate - free content checker tool

#32. Seo Tool Station

This duplicate content checker tool is fast and reliable. Students can use this free service to check for documents that are missing citations, and teachers can gain many benefits from this tool by checking plagiarism.

seotoolstation - duplicate content checker tool


Well, I’ve shared almost all of the duplicate content checker tool that I’ve used to check for repetitive content that will help you too.

All search engines thrive to make their users experience better, which is why they put plagiarism as a direct threat to their user’s experience. That’s why it’s very desirable if you don’t want to be punished by search engines to check your existing content and any content you plan to post in the future for replication.

I also often use these tools to check if my site has duplicate content.

If you accept guest posts on your site or blog, then you must try these tools, and many times, bloggers try to give customers a duplicate of the name of the post to get a reverse link, which may be harmful to your site.

Now, let me know what your favourite tool is and leave a short comment below!

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About the Author: Amit Purohit

Amit Purohit is an SEO expert and pro-blogger, besides blogging amit assists in planning, organizing, and implementing SEO and content strategy for clients to generate leads and conversions.


  1. Thanks for the great info! I use Copyscape, myself. I’ve had clients who’ve hired another content marketer and found the content was too similar to another post. It’s so important to stay on top of that if you’re hiring someone to do your content for you.

    1. You are absolutely correct Alison, duplicate content is a BIG no in SEO world. Copyscape does help out in finding duplicate content with above 90% accuracy and that’s why most of the marketer prefer it 🙂

  2. Very extensive list! There’s surely a lot of options available right now, which is great! Personally, I’ve been using Unicheck for awhile and it’s been wonderful. So definitely recommend it.

  3. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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