SEO Ranking Factors to Increase your Website Ranking in 2018

Seo Ranking Factors -

One of the difficulties with SEO is that search algorithms are constantly being updated, and we have a hard time knowing the details of the algorithm. Coupled with the fact that changes occur almost daily, SEO ranking factors is not just aiming for a move, but sometimes an invisible target.

So several companies often make large-scale statistical comparisons of keyword rankings and page features, trying to find the links among them, to some extent reverse engineering search algorithms.

SEO Ranking Factors:

The result of SEMrush is based on the first 100 results of 600,000 keywords, statistics on page factors, outer links, and traffic data, and gives some valuable findings:

Website Security (use of https)

High query amount of the first three keywords, 65% use https. Although https is not a big ranking factor but is the trend of the times, or as soon as possible to https site better.


Content length

Regardless of the number of keyword queries, content length is usually positively correlated with rankings. The content of the first three pages is, on average, 45% longer than the first 30 digits. Long tail keyword ranking page longer than the head keyword 20%

SEO Ranking Factors to Increase your Website Ranking in 2018 1

I’ve seen statistics before, and the average length of Google’s top 10 results was 2000 words, which is a lot longer than the 400-600 words that were prevalent when I started my site.


A few interesting findings:

  • High query volume keywords, ranked in front of the page 35% of the page title does not contain keywords. This shows that the Google algorithm has greatly improved the understanding of context and search intent or the fact that title tags contain keywords is no longer an important SEO ranking factor, or both.
  • Link anchor text seldom contains keywords, even if the high query volume keywords, the front of the page only 8% of the links contain keywords. Anchor text may be a less important link, it may not be so deliberately you building a foreign chain.

SEO Ranking Factors to Increase your Website Ranking in 2018 2

Website traffic

SEMrush studied the impact of website traffic on rankings and found that the number of users visiting is a very important factor for the high query volume, and the word of low query volume has little effect. Moreover, search engine traffic does not seem to affect the rankings, but direct traffic has an impact on the rankings.

User signal

  • Bounce rate: the first three bounce rate is relatively low, the bounce rate goes down.
  • Depth of Visit (pages per visit): Also relevant to rankings.

A few months ago wrote about user experience affecting search rankings and my own experiments, but whether user experience signals are direct rankings has been controversial and is generally not considered to be, but at least indirectly, rankings.

Quality Backlinks

High-quality outer links are super-important, including the total number of foreign links and the number of following links. The first result of the outer chain of the total number of domain names on average more than 10 times the double, follow the link is similar.

link back quality

The most important factor

SEMrush’s discovery is that user signals and site direct traffic are most relevant to rankings. But just as the previous post was repeated many times, the correlation does not necessarily mean causality.

The generic ranking is outdated

Searchmetrics This study looked at the trends in the ranking of common rankings (ranking factors applicable to various areas of the site) and rankings by sector/niche market. Some ranking factors are generic, the same for all industries, and some rankings may have somewhat different weights for certain industry or niche areas.

SEO Ranking Factors to Increase your Website Ranking in 2018 3

Common SEO Ranking Factors

Page open speed. The top ten pages in 2016 averaged 7.8 seconds open in 2017, down to 5.8 seconds in 2017.

Like SEMrush, Searchmetrics also found it less important to include keywords in the title. Only 48% of the pages now ranked include keywords, compared with 55% in 2017 and 75% in 2016.

The total number of pages with well-ranked pages is growing, with the top 10 pages totaling 1900 words in 2017, 1600 in 2016 and 1300 in 2017. And SEMrush same conclusion.

seo ranking factors

Only applicable to specific industry rankings

Searchmetrics found that the weighting of some ranking factors varies from one search query to another, so they looked at ranking factors in different industries, including e-commerce, finance, health, media, and travel, and looked at the rankings of these industries and the average What is the difference, get some discovery.

For example, https is more important to the financial industry, where safety and trust are more important and less important to the travel industry.

The use of the pictures was less important to the financial websites and had a greater impact on the travel websites. The top 10 tourist websites used an average of 2.15 pictures and the financial websites only used 0.92 pictures.

Tourism website ranked the top 10 pages of the total number of words 2700, financial website 1800 words, ah, travelogue, travel Raiders are generally quite long.

Only applicable to the niche market position trends

Study dating sites, SEO services and recipe sites, a similar phenomenon, different niche market site ranking factors weight different. For example, the use of https is important for SEO websites, and 68% of SEO sites use https, less important for dating or recipe websites. Structured data and tags are important to the recipe website.

Different industries, market websites SEO ranking factor weight quite different, so we can not consider the optimization focus broadly, depending on what industry and what users need.

For example, health-related sites in front of the page in front of many of the use of the video, almost no furniture to sell, but a large number of selling furniture, pictures.

How to respond?

Another speaker’s content is how to deal with these new trends in SEO ranking factors, do not write, because it is obvious.

By the way, there is a guest comment that I wrote some of the posts in the blog eye, sell off, but did not tell others how to deal with. I am quite depressed, to me, the key is how to troubleshoot the problem, know where the problem lies, how to deal with is not obvious?

For example, the site was hacked, the important thing is how to know was black, what are the reasons for being black, on the surface can not see what should be checked and black, as to how to deal with, then use that? Clean up the code.

Someone may wonder again, what’s the question of people asking is:

How to clean up the code?

How to change https?

How to improve page speed?

This is probably not the same post can talk about, you have to look at other posts, articles, and even the entire book.

Cleans up the code to get involved in website security, which has to write a few books. How to change https Involved server settings, certificate installation, URL redirects, URL bulk changes and more.

Increase the speed of the page to open, you write to compress the picture, there may be someone asked how to compress the picture ah? This question is endless.

So, a post can only say one question. Which will involve more problems, perhaps along the link to find the answer, this is why the hyperlink was invented.

These latest SEO ranking factors, many of which are related to the application of artificial intelligence. The following few posts to write about the impact of artificial intelligence on SEO thinking.

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